He keeps insisting on planning on going with me to Phoenix.  I don’t want him to go but he knows where I’m going and helped make the reservation for the motel.  Now he won’t even kiss me.   Why, if he’s getting it on with the rich pregnant woman, would he want to stay with me?  I want sex so bad right now.  He hasn’t touched me in a week except wanting a hand job a few days ago.  The worst of it all started Sunday after I smelled  pussy on his mustache.  And it wasn’t mine because he didn’t give me a blow job.  Who was she?  The rich, pregnant woman that’s begging him to come be with him.  His car has no brakes and uses my car and there were no extra miles on my car.   She can maintain him and provide for him….he can have all the beer he wants, keep his car in good working order….I can’t do any of that.  I know it’s not for sex any more.  He doesn’t love me.  He tried to give blood this morning and he said they turned him away.  He wasn’t in there long enough to do it and probably didn’t even go back on purpose.  He could have had the money for more beer.  At least beer would have made me attractive to him again.  Unless he doesn’t want to be any more.  He has probably been professing his love to her through texts and fucking her is why he isn’t interested in me any more.  I’m through hitting him up for sex and being turned away.  I still want sex with him so bad because he’s so good in bed.  But I’ve lost that to a pregnant woman.  I wonder if she’s paying him to screw her.  If she is why isn’t he getting beer and staying drunk.

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