Finally got back on.. Gezzz

I forgot my password, and I did not realize the username had to be exact!!! But I’m finally back here and ready to spill the shit from my head.

2018 has been a good yr. I’ve accepted and embraced my single life. I’ve gone on adventures into the Philippines. Tattooed my body with something that actually means something to me as a person. More of a confirmation, Incase my body was found unrecognizable in a 3rd world country. My mom would be able to identify me!!! Jk kind of.

New home. Able to work from home. And just matched with a crush on a dating app. Ha, to my emo self. Life is good!!! I wonder how long this high will last?

I am trying to channel my adult ness. I’ve lived too many yrs, and have finally come to this realization that I don’t have to deal with bull shit and games anymore!

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