Good Day-So far

Today is a good day. I was actually able to get a decent amount of sleep after several days of not sleeping well because my shoulders hurt so badly. I only woke up once and it was only for about 10 minutes then I was able to fall back asleep. It’s also sunny out and not freezing so that helps. The birds were chirping as I was walking into the building where my first class is. Last night we found out that we got the house we wanted! It’s HUGE compared to the tiny apartment we live in now. We are a little nervous about living with my aunt and cousins. She can be a little bit of a control freak when it comes to the kids. My younger sister lived with her for a while and said my aunt yelled at her for walking from the bathroom to her room in a towel. That’s not gonna fly with me. I don’t get dressed in the bathroom after a shower everything is still wet and it’s hard to put on clothes. However, I don’t think that will be a super big deal because my sister and my aunt have really different personalities where my aunt and myself are similar. Plus, we’re paying half the bills so the house is just as much ours as it is hers. Kyra just stayed with my aunt and contributed a small amount to rent and a couple other bills. 

Anyways, an update from my post on Monday: I did actually walk to the bar. We decided to go to the bar before dinner group so I just walked down there. Admittedly, I got a ride from the bar to dinner group. I also had my husband come pick me and a friend up from the bar after dinner group but only because she was too drunk to drive so we gave her a ride home. So I would chalk that up to a success! Walking into town isn’t a really big deal for most people. But I am proud of myself for not giving in and taking the car. Ever since we got the car last Summer, walking seems like a much bigger task than it was beforehand. I used to walk to school and work every day last year so it’s weird that walking into town, or anywhere really seems like such a big deal. I don’t know. But this is something I want to work on. I was thinking about getting a dog so I have a reason to walk more but I want to wait to see how my schedule is once I start my real PhD work. I don’t want to get a dog then not have time to properly take care of it. 

So today is a good day. Things are starting to look up for my little family and I am so excited! 

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