i know it has been such a long time since i last posted anything for that i am sorry but my life has been kind of hectic and i literally barely had time to breath! so a few weeks ago my brother who studies in Malaysia had a accident with his motor cycle which resulted in his leg getting opened, 4 days ago he went into surgery as his leg got infected. All of this happened while my mother didn’t know anything, she kept on telling me i feel that something wrong is going to happen to your brother i just old her that she should think positive thoughts, though deep down i knew she was right. when my brother had his surgery i took one of his friends numbers and stayed in contact with him to keep me updated about my brother situation as he was in a totally different continent, he was sweet he and he always answered my questions politely but he was always telling me how scared he was that my brother would end up knowing that he was speaking to me!! well that just got on my nerves cause well heelllooo i ts not like i was asking him to be my freaking boyfriend i just wanted updates on my brother !!! ANYWAYS, now i am with my brother after travelling 9 hours by plane to get to him after he asked my father to send me over to him to help him in his recovery time. And guess what the very same friend came and stayed the whole day with us!

i cooked though i hate cooking, i was polite despite the jokingly rude comments of my brother! i hated ever second of it and on top of that i had to sit my ass down next to the guy and help him with his chemistry for he has an exam that he has to pass to be able to stay in university. i really did help him, i put all my effort into it i loved having him so close yet so damn far! him and his gorgeous green eyes!!! i hate that i love it! i hate that i loved having him close and feeling like he freaking NEEDED me. Hopefully when he [asses he will be freaking grateful 🙂 it not like i am holding a grudge or anything! what mostly annoyed me is the way he spoke about his future wife or dream wife or whatever, its like he’s just marrying a freaking incubator where he can get children or maybe a maid so that she can cook clean and raise the kids for him while he chills the fuck out. that’s just sexiest and i hated it, y is my luck so horrible with guys??? i did the noble thing and helped him when he needed it tho he probably didn’t deserve it but well, he and his green eyes. am i over reacting?? 

oh i forgot, the whole point of this is that i traveled alone!! for the first time ever but i guess that’s irrelevant in relation to all stuff i stated

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