The farm

Man alive, I cannot wait for game 1 tomorrow nite Bruins vs Maple Leafs. I know my Bruins will take this series. I cannot wait for them to drop the puck and get this thing started. When we get our motorhome after our settlement I am definitely going to get a satellite dish for us. I will not miss my hockey and my English football. 

I’ve been watching videos of kittens and cats arriving for their first days home after being adopted. That day is coming sometime in the future for us. Momo needs a Sister. I know that she misses Kina, you can only see that too plainly. We are going to visit them later. Mom has her Dr’s appointment to look at her foot that is all bruised. It looks quite disconcerting. After that, we’ll cash my Wife’s cheque and put some money away, and pay some bills.

I think I will get a cat tree for the babies off of this one website that I’ve come across. The babies deserve it. I love all kinds of animals. Mama Duck and her babies waddling behind her is a really cute sight to see. Every animal that we come across will be able to live their lives in peace harmony and love on our farm. I hope that we have a big enough piece of land to have a man made lake to have some Ducks and Geese on it. I’m prepared for everything that we’ll have to do on our farm. 



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