[241] ~*Thu – 04/12/18*~

[6:58 pm]

I need to get back on track with things. I didn’t take the time to write last night so I am doing it right now in case I end up not writing again. I just seem to be having a hard time getting back on track since we went away for Easter. Journal is behind, garbage, laundry..

I didn’t prepare the garbage last night and this morning I really didn’t felt like doing it but I made myself do it cause I’m already two weeks behind and I don’t like having a mix of bags in the garbage bin outside so I took this week garbage to the curb this morning. I was also behind on laundry but I did it all last night although I didn’t put anything away yet. I want to do that later and hopefully I will cause we all know I have a hard time putting the laundry away. I also did some shopping today, I bought shirts for $97. I don’t remember the last time I did that. I used to do it all the time cause I was sorta addicted to clothes but I stopped cause I wasn’t even wearing most of what I was buying. When I cleaned our closet two years ago, most of the clothes I gave away to the church still had price tag on them. The people who received the clothes must have been very pleased cause it was brand new. I still have a bunch of shirts in my closet that I never wear as they are in the back of it and I always wear what’s in front. I need to do another clean up although this time I don’t think there’s anything with a price tag left. But yea, I bought like six shirts and three tank tops and I’m very pleased. I still had a $100 that mom had given me for my Bday so I decided to use it for clothes cause I feel like I always wear the same shirts over and over again. Just felt like I needed something new.

After work I didn’t really felt like doing the grocery but again, I forced myself to do it cause then I’d be behind with that as well. I need to stay on track with things cause then I feel like I’m unbalanced.

So Tue we ended up going for our taxes and I’m pleased cause between the both of us we’re getting back almost $2000. That’s always nice! I was actually surprised cause I made a bit more money in 2017 than 2016 which I was sure I had made less cause I’ve been losing a lot of hours at my full time job. I guess working the closing shift on Mon’s at the store sorta covered for that. I didn’t make much more than the other year but still a lil. I’m shocked at hub’s income thought. He keeps making less and less each year. That’s not good at all. Two years ago he made like $5000 more but he was doing a lot of over time so of course the year after, he made way less and the year after he still made less cause he went day time instead of night time so he lost the extra dollar an hour for night premium. I’m sorta worried about seeing his paycheck tomorrow as from now on he’s salaried so what ever he will be getting tomorrow is what he will be getting every pay day. I don’t care if he doesn’t make more, I just don’t want him to be making less. He also need to make sure they are still taking extra money for taxes cause I don’t want to end up having to pay some next year. I don’t mind not having any return but I don’t want to have to pay some.

Anyways, after doing that we went out to eat at BK and then went to some friends to play those two escape rooms that we had left. We made it for the first one but we totally failed the second one. It was super hard and I still don’t know how someone can come up with the answer for the lat one. We were actually stuck at part two of three so that says a lot. It was harsh but it was still fun. Now we want to go to a real one, just need to figure out when we can all go. 

We got home it was pretty much midnight so I didn’t do much and went to bed to read but ended up reading until almost 4 am. I shouldn’t be allowed to read. I just couldn’t put the book down. Arg! Luckily I was just working for 1 pm yesterday. So yesterday I worked and that’s pretty much it. My last client ended up cancelling and that was totally okay with me cause yesterday was just a very blah day. I didn’t cry but it was very sad cause it would of been my big bro’s 50th. I can’t believe he was only six months away from it but six months would of been A LOT for him. I just miss him! I wanted to buy a balloon for him yesterday and let it go in the air but I didn’t. When I was done work I just wanted to come home. I ended up finishing the laundry I had started on Tue and took a nice bath. I was talking to mom’s friend which actually really was my bro’s friend first. We were texting and then I called her and we talked an hour on the phone. She had sent me a text saying her thoughts were with me as it was my big bro’s Bday. Like she said, he would of been 50 yesterday but really he had the body of a 75 yrs old man. He was in a really bad shape and it was the best decision to let him go when we had the chance. I just hope he’s getting the rest he deserved.

Enought talking about that or I will just end up sitting here crying.

Last night I read until almost 2 am. Again, not good. I need to learn to put away the book. I guess what I’m reading is just too interesting and I want to know what’s gonna happen next. I was really tired this morning but managed to do my day although I was able to come back home and have an hour or so nap. Let me tell you, I didn’t wanted to get back out of bed. Now I’m writing so I don’t get behind and I’m trying to think of what I want to eat and I have no clue. I had took a banana down with me but I haven’t touched it yet.

I finally bought our tickets for Nitro Circus. I had called the stadium to have some info before picking our tickets but I left a voicemail last Fri and still haven’t heard back from anyone and every time I call I get the voicemail so I told myself “screw it” and bought some or else we might not get any tickets. So I’m pretty excited about that and camping with mom and friend in June.




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