You know this feeling you have when you are happy for a friend? truly happy? because he is one of your best friends and you love him but at the same time you are so jealous it consumes your happiness for him?
I am a 16-year-old girl and most of my friends have boyfriends. I have had boyfriends before, I had so much drama. I think I want to try again but it doesn’t happen in a second, it takes time to find someone I really want. I see all my friends with boyfriends or girlfriends and I really am happy for them but it’s hard to be the third wheel sometimes. I know they haven’t abandoned me or anything, they are good friends and they always try to make me belong everywhere but seeing them so happy and knowing how much drama I had to go through and still I can’t find someone I really like is difficult. It feels unfair that they find it so easily.

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  1. Hi there 16 year old girl…..

    please if you don’t want to take my advise seriously its up to you, but I like giving advise to people..
    enjoy your teenage hood.. because u get to go thru it once in a life time… if you are studying pay 95% concentration on your studies please, because that’s where going to bring you to places when you start your adulthood.
    IF you are feeling insecure or lonely pick up something interesting, or go to a animal shelter give ur love to those pets

  2. I’ve experienced the same sorts of feelings expressed here, and yeah, they can be absolutely terrible. Yearning for that type of a relationship, while knowing how long it takes to develop one can make you feel very alone.

    The best advice I can give you is that you need to be aware of how these thoughts can spiral into extreme negatives. Remember that those people in relationships have still worked hard to get to that place, a boy/girlfriend comes from commitment and effort. Don’t let your relationship status affect how you see yourself, after all you made these good friends for a reason. You are precious to people, and they care about you.

    You aren’t less than anyone for not having an S.O. Your dramas in the past can be used to learn, try to figure out what you want from a relationship, and then seek that out. It probably won’t come easily (as these sorts of things never seem to), but you’re young, have experience, and are eager to develop a relationship. This gives you a pretty damn good chance of finding someone, just make sure they’re right for you of course.

    Good luck, I hope you soon find someone who you’ll know was worth the wait.

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