Now that’s living the dream..

Hey J,

Ash and I boxed today, It’s April 11th. I got back from work and was super mad cause my boss and 2 other people at work kept talking to me about you. Asking questions and IT and about mom. NO. No I don’t want to talk to you Yes I want to go home. GO AWAY.

I know, I know but you were way nicer than me! You always talked to people even if you didn’t know them well. I wish I had that trait. Anyways we boxed because I was angry at people pretending like they understand and being shocked when you seem rude or like your about to cry. No shit Sherlock. It’s a thing.. people cry when their brother dies dumbass. And I don’t want to talk about the details with a stranger! Anyways as you can tell I was angry and so I boxed my little heart out.

You’d be proud… ash was boxing and was remembering what you taught her. You taught her how to punch and how to protect herself. I appreciate that cause no one else did. Thanks bro. Anyways we boxed and punched that bag hard until we could’t any more. It helps.. even though I sound crazy.

Omg can I just say.. I’m freaking starving. Its 18:22 and I haven’t eaten dinner yet. OK I know that’s not that late BUT I couldn’t finish eating my lunch cause I felt sick and got a stomach ache. I’ve been getting that a lot lately. A stomach ache. Especially after I eat. Obviously from the stress and misery. That sounds dramatic but I think I have a right to be. I want to eat,  especially with you. Can we do that when I see you again? Eat till we can’t eat anymore. OR can you eat as much as you want where you are and never get full?! Now that’s living the dream.. I’m sure there’s tons more where you are that is incompatible for my mind to understand. I guess I’ll just have to wait. Until then I’ll just keep eating alone and toasting to you. 

Cheers to you J, writing to you with loads of love and an empty stomach,


PS: say hi to dave, cooper, and tucker for me I miss them <3 

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