There is only one you

Understand that your own life and the way you feel, is important. Even if you think you’re not important to anyone, the truth is that you are probably important to someone, and probably important to more people than you can imagine. You are unique and that there is no one like you! you are therefore very special, a limited edition! Remember that no one is perfect, but you are the only you, and you are the perfect you. You don’t even have to try to be unique, as you already are. 

Looking at what is unique about yourself and others, helps you to stop making superficial judgements. Remind yourself that each person is the sum of a unique combination of life events that no one else has ever experienced in the same way.

Be yourself, accept your unique experience, and then build upon it in positive ways. Gaining a positive outlook and accepting who you are can be a difficult personal journey and often takes incredible determination. Being influenced by other people’s action and emotions can lead you away from your own. Hold onto your unique nature and listen to your own inner voice. By all means take on ideas that help you to be a better person. After all being unique is not a matter of being stubborn or ignorant. Return to your own perspective when you know something is not right.

That’s all I have to say for todays message to all my journalist
good day guys

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