*Written last night before I basically passed out from fatigue*

So I did decide to drive the car to work today. Work is only up the street, but I thought it would be good to move the car out of the parking lot so that folks could see that it actually does run. A lot of the times, I leave the car at home and walk just because it makes no sense to me move it to drive less than a mile. I think people get the idea that it doesn’t run from that. It runs. It’s a little quirky at first, but it runs. It started up for me tonight, too, but I had to let it get to operating temperature before it would stop wanting to act weird.

It’s funny. When I got home, that same girl with the dog was outside, but I had less of an attitude this time. Stuff tends to bother me more when I’m tired. I was really tired today, and I really was getting tired of people not taking me seriously for my mechanical abilities. I  mean, I don’t have formal training, and I don’t have a job fixing cars, but I’m still a mechanic in the traditional sense of the word. I do fix things, and most of my fixes work. I might not be a great mechanic, but I am a mechanic according to the dictionary’s definition of what one is.

Work was good. I feel much more comfortable in this environment. Like I said, it’s not as much about pay and the level of benefits as is about my overall health and growth. I want to be somewhere where I feel comfortable and I can let my light shine in some way. The other environment made me feel like I was reverting either to high school or back under my parents’ roof where everything I did was wrong or “not good enough.”

I would have never gotten to shine my light because the spirits were only interested in extinguishing my light, not absorbing any of it. Some people are not receptive to the message that God sends with you. This other job is different. It’s not perfect by any means, and I do have to watch my back. Money apparently gets funny sometimes, so I have to take extra steps to protect myself and not be so naive. As far as witnessing though, people are more receptive to what I have to say. In fact, they’re usually the ones to bring up the Bible and the Father and so forth. I find it refreshing when I’m able to have some conversations without offending anyone. I talked to a guy about pork yesterday, lol. He believed that I was wrong, that the Bible does not say not to eat pork, and that pork is exactly the same as lamb.


Wow. I referred him to the appropriate “Old Testament” book. He might read it and see it, or he might miss the whole message. I don’t know. There was a time when I had read the entire Bible but STILL  believed some information that had come from a false religion and STILL didn’t understand the connection I felt to the people in the OT. Long story short, it is possible for someone to see something written and still be blind to what it says. The Father opens people’s eyes on His time. 

The man just ended up saying, “I think you’re wrong, ma’am,” and he kept giving me excuses as to why it was okay to eat pork like “My grandmama live to be 90 years old, and she ate it” and such. That was after I had long exited the conversation. All I can do is speak upon something and then leave it alone. They still have free will to choose, but once I say something, I’m no longer held accountable if that person doesn’t do the right thing. We do HAVE to say something, but we don’t have to persist, badger, offend, etc. That’s in Ezekiel. 

If the man feels comfortable eating swine now, then it’s on him. He did ask me the reasons that I thought we weren’t supposed to eat it, and I didn’t just say “Because God said.” I gave him a full explanation of what the pig was created for, what it does, and who actually started the custom of eating that filthy animal as a delicacy. Of course, I told him it was a dietary law not to eat it, too. He made his decision, and I continued my workday knowing that I did what I was supposed to do. We can’t make anybody do anything or stop doing anything. All we can do is share information. 

I saw a lot of people from around town. I even saw a girl from the job that I just quit. That was awkward. Heh-heh, she knows they did something very wrong. She wouldn’t look me in the face, and she also ran out of there like a bat out of hell, receiptless and all. That experience helped me lay everything to rest. I now know that they knew exactly what they did, and I also know that they will have to deal with it an answer for it. The same goes for anyone else who does something foul to me or to anyone who isn’t harming them. Sometimes we even have to answer for doing foul things to people who DO do bad things to us, so we definitely have to answer for doing foul stuff to innocents. 

I’m done with it. Plus it was kind of cool letting them see that they didn’t break me. I had another job, and I’d have been okay even if my other boss wouldn’t have taken me back. I’m self-employed. 

There’s a man working with us now. He’s an older man, a much older man. He seems cool. The female manager I worked with yesterday seemed okay, too. I just don’t like being the new girl. The new person on the cash register always seems to get put through either a series of tests or a period of distrust. Neither situation is fair, really. No one should be tested without being told. God is the only one who has the right to do that. 

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