[242] ~*Fri – 04/13/18*~

[10:22 pm]

Arg! I’ve been trying to re-organize my farm since last night and I’m getting no where. I think I made it more of a mess than anything else. I’m frustrated with myself. I’m trying to make it to 7000 pts so I can have all the chest but I’m currently sitting at 6700 (so close) and don’t know how to set my farm anymore. I just sorta want to start it from scratch cause I just have way too many pathways and don’t know what to do with them but it’s so much work and the edit mode sucks. Blah!

I was trying on the shirts I bought last night and to think of it, it’s sorta annoying cause pretty much all the shirts I bought are see through so I bought tank tops to wear under but it’s annoying in a way to have to wear two shirts. Seems like a lot of my shirts are now like that, all see through. Why do they even make it like that? I wouldn’t feel comfortable just wearing the shirt by itself. That said, today I went out and bought three more tank tops so I don’t have to share them with shirts. I just hope this hasn’t restarted my buying clothes addicting.

Beside that, I read later than I expected last night so I was tired this morning. Thankfully my second client cancelled so I was able to come back home and nap for like an hour and a half. I really need to start working on my sleeping. I think I might have to put an alarm for when I read just like I do when I take a bath. Sad! I need to time myself. Lol!

I feel like I had a bunch of things to say but can’t seem to think of anything right now. I always think to myself “I need to write about this and that tonight” but when it comes time to write, I don’t remember. My memory is failing me!

Hub got his paycheck today and I was really scared to look at it. If what he got today is what he’ll be getting from now, it’s great. He’s getting about $150 more per pay so that’s awesome. I told him I could quit the store. Haha! As if! I’m too much of a workaholic to quit the store BUT I might ask for my Wed off soon even if they don’t have my hours covered. I’m just too tired and can’t seem to get back on track with it. My one day off I always end up sleeping all day and then it’s back to work so I have zero time to get anything done. If I can get two days, I’ll be able to sleep one and get things done on the second day. I think I deserve the break. If ever I find that I have too much free time I can always ask for some hours on Wed. I just feel bad that I will have to leave two clients behind but I need to think about myself. Nothing is decided yet, we shall see but summer is coming and I would very much like to have two days a week so then we can actually do things.

I think that pretty much covers it for today. If not, too bad. Haha! I should of washed my hair tonight but it’s so nice looking. I really hate doing the first wash after I had them done. It’s late now so that will wait tomorrow. I’m trying to get back on track with that as well. I need to try to make it back to washing my hair either Mon or Tue.

Anyways, it’s early/late, depending on the way you look at it so I think I shall be good and head to bed right now so I have time to read before having to sleep. I might actually put an alarm so I don’t read too late tonight as I know I won’t have time to come back home and nap between clients tomorrow.




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