He admitted that some of his behavior has been like my cheating ex husband and he said he was sorry…..that he was not cheating.  He said he’d go hide in the bathroom to get away from all the noise and activity in the room and outside the room….he just needed to be in a bubble.  My ass!!!  When we first moved in together he’d go hide and said that he needed some alone time.  And that he missed living alone and being alone.  Every time he runs and “hides” in the bathroom I hear him in my head saying how he missed being alone and wanted to be alone…away from me.  I finally told him I saw all the signs of him cheating just like with my ex.  He swears he hasn’t got anything going on with anyone.  If so then why does he always hide his phone screen when he’s typing on it.  Why did he text a friend the other day that he hadn’t spoken to in 20 years and tell him he was moving from Albuquerque to Phoenix?  He must think I’m so stupid.  I’ve never hid the screen on my phone when chatting with anybody.  Besides, he can always go through and delete certain messages but not all.  Now he’s going back to sleep again like nothing happened.  He’ll be awake at about midnight and I’m sure back in chat mode with the bitch.  I just don’t understand why he keeps staying here with me if he wants to be with her so bad he has to stay up all night to chat with her and sleep during the day.  Why doesn’t he just let me go and get on with my life and move in with her?  Just let me go and get on with my life!!!!  Please!!!!

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