April 13th – Date Night

I’m so happy.  Had a discussion with T about us and my daughter. He’s all in.  He is really happy with me and said eventually we will do the family thing once we get to know each other.  I know its not love, but I am really liking this guy. I’m still not all for the marriage or moving in together thing.

We synched up our calendars so we can make sure we know what each is doing and when we can get together with the group or alone on date nights.  He’s looking forward to spending as much time with me as possible.

Tonight we have a date night.  I’m so excited.  Dinner, pool and bowling.  So much more than what my ex boyfriend did with me.  With him it was usually dinner, movie and sex.  That’s it. Very boring. 

With this new guy were already planning a trip for 4 days.  At the end he wants me to go with him to a friends party to meet all his old friends.  That means a lot to me.  That I’m important enough to meet his friends.

I am still struggling with not being there for my daughter all the time.  So many Saturdays she’ll be with her nana or her dad. My mom said this is good because I’m always there for her anyway.  I’ve planned us a mother/daughter get away to make up for some of it.

I’ll definitely take her camping and other things during the summer.  I want to make sure she has fun.


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