This morning I’m certain something is going on.  He finally came to me last night after a week and then stayed up all night.  He claims it was because he was going to donate plasma and didn’t want his heart rate to be up.  If it’s up they won’t let him donate.  I think it’s bullshit.  If I didn’t need the money to get those 2 prescriptions I’d tell him to hell with it and leave.  I’ve got an infection on my foot from a rough patch that cracked open and has become infected I’d just have to stay on the street until the 3rd.  Of course the only place for me to go is back to Dallas and live on the streets there since there is no place for me to go because I can’t afford to get a room there.  That means I’m going to have to leave Murray.  He was eating breakfast.  He won’t stop eating to stop to talk to me but stopped to play a game…my ass.  He’s texting with the rich pregnant bitch.  I’ll bet he got with her last night and he was texting with her.  Why can’t he just go be with her and leave me alone.  I have nothing to offer.  She can give him a home and a child.

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