Fear of adulting

I got a notice from my school counselor a few days ago that I have the potential to graduate early in January of 2019.

Now, someone might think, “why not?Why not just go for it and not question this HUGE decision?”

There are a few reasons, one being that the workload might be incredibly heavy and very hard to do since they plan to fit all the work from the spring semester into the work of one fall semester.Turns out I will be getting a regular graduation ceremony like everyone else regardless if I decide to take up this opportunity or not.So yay for me!

Though then there’s the issue of my recent anxiety. The usual fear of adulting is becoming more prominent. I just have this year to go, that’s it!No more school, no more staying home, I have to think about college, and suddenly I feel like there is an ominous cloud being shrouded over me as I am becoming a senior.

It’s not that I have a fear of the huge responsibility, or a fear of being on my own. While these both are intergrated into my fear, I also have a much more big fear of driving for some odd reason. I guess all of my fears won’t go away completely, but will hopefully ease up within the time I graduate as I get more accustomed to the idea of adulting. (So numerous other’s have told me so)

I wanted my transition from being a teenager to an adult to be as smooth as possible. As someone who has seen my older sibling and other friends grow into adults before me, I notice they tend to be so focused on the fear and nervousness of a new experience that they never quite get to enjoy it. Life is so short, why be so nervous and anxious to the point where you can’t think straight, eat or sleep without worry?It doesn’t do anyone any good, and it’s usually best to try to push those fears away after you address them so then you can focus on what’s important.So that is what I’m trying to do.I talked to a few people older than me, I have been taking classes in my high school that will help me as I become an adult.I’m still trying to think of if graduating earlier is worth it.

I risk taking on a big workload I might not be prepared for all so I can graduate faster.

One thought on “Fear of adulting”

  1. Strawberry as a college graduate that had 21 credits a semester for 3 semesters don’t
    do it. I don’t know what you are studying but seriously sit down and think about how you want to enter the career you want are there exams you need to take to qualify for certain sectors. Take a look at current job postings for jobs you want. Do you have the goods? Have a plan hopefully start interning at a place with the potential to hire you. Use the extra time to get the connections and experience you need in the workforce.

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