Health and happiness

I’ve stayed home from work today. Yesterday was the first day that my left leg was hurting me as bad as it was. I was in so much agony. I took three Ibuprofen and called out to the Lord. It went away and then it came back, and then it subsided. I worked late again yesterday because of my leg issue. I’ll be back at it tomorrow. 


Good news, my Wife called around to see if I could get my tooth worked on and she got in touch with s dentistry school, and they agreed to work on me. My appointment is for next Thursday at 8:30. I have some work that needs to be performed. That is a huge weight taken off my shoulders. Now I know I will finally have that done. The next thing that I’d like to do is find a Chiropractor, and an Orthopedic Specialist to sort of my walking issues. I was born with one leg shorter than the other. I will need the specialist to make for me a special pair of shoes so that I can at least alleviate my pain issues. 

I’m going to work today on my writing. I haven’t worked on it for a few days. Today would present itself the perfect opportunity. I have gotten a new subscription. It’s called a kitnipbox. It’s a monthly box off goodies and cat treats for multiple cat families. It ships out today. I cannot wait until it arrives. I know that the babies will love it, as they love anything that has catnip in it. On 01 May, I shall be ordering tier cat tree that I have in mind for them. That’ll make them happy because, I know that they enjoy climbing up it and having a bird’s eye view of things. Sylvester and Chester sleep on it at nite. They did at our old place. I’m thinking of getting two eventually so that Momo can have a place of her own to get onto as well. She used to sleep in the one we had during the day, but at nite the boys took over it. 

So, Thursday then I’ll get my tooth worked on and later on the day we’ll be taking our Neighbour out to have some lunch with. They are very good people, and this time around it’ll be with the Wife as her Husband will be working. I’d like to get a Union Jack tshirt and another of the Irish flag. Me Mom’s side is both of those as well as a bit of Dutch. I always honour me Mom every moment I can. 


I’ve figured that until at least the next cheque I receive from work after this one, I will drink a protein shake in the morning, and have either tuna or egg salad for lunch without the bread. Perhaps either a nice dinner salad or another protein shake to finish off the day would suffice. Tea in the morning as per my norm, albeit one cup instead of two. For my dairy I would drink a cup of milk and have some yogurt sometime during the day. I should have a healthy balance in there, and be able to lose weight as well as strengthen my body accordingly. Then when I get the gym membership going and the lifting that I want to do, I can enhance it a bit by purchasing the mountain bike that I’d like to enjoy riding. I don’t need to do any lower body workouts as it were because, my legs are solidly built already. 


I think that I will take off Monday as well as Sunday (For my Wife’s Birthday) so, that if we go to the late picture show I don’t have to worry about going to bed early. I can then afford myself the time to do a nice leisurely detail on our Jaguar. That would be champion I must say. The only other thing that I would love to do is, sit down at the English tea store for a pot of tea and a scone. I shall do that someday soon.  

Well, the writing needs to be worked and a shower later is in order.




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