In bed on Friday night

 This is my view right now… 10pm on a Friday night, what a party animal 😂 yes that is a light up mermaid lamp and a book iv had for ages and still not read 🧜🏻‍♀️ Anyway , I don’t care! It’s nice actually! I have a lunch out with a few friends tomorrow which will involve a lot of alcohol no doubt …

  I had a test yesterday and I passed! Thank you God! This was my uni exam and I have to pass for work. I studied really hard for it. I felt great yesterday but a bit down today for some reason… not sure why. Think the cold and miserable weather is getting to me, spring is nowhere to be seen. But I need to get a grip as there is nothing really going on that I should be unhappy about.

 I’m off to read my kindle and enjoy my tea ☕ 

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