Just the MAF

I’m dealing with a headache right now, but it’s almost time for Shabbat, so I know that I get to rest in a little while. It’s my special female time, and I always get migraines and whatnot during this time. That, of course, makes me have to take ibuprofen, which, of course, is bad for the kidneys, but good for the inflamed head. 

I started the car up real nice and took it all the way to Walmart today. Don’t worry. I prayed, lol. Well, it was in desperate need of an oil change. Remember, it had been sitting for the better part of four months while I was doing work to it, and the oil that was already in there was due for a change to begin with. Add in all the debris that may have gotten in there while I was cleaning everything, and you’ve got yourself a yikes.

It ran so much better after I got my oil changed. I asked the tech to look at it real quick to see if they could see an obvious vacuum leak that maybe I missed. The male one looked at it and said he didn’t see anything except for that the fact that I had a little too much oil in it. I believe him because I did add oil to it after the work got done, but I never changed it. So maybe I had an extra half quarter or something, and maybe it was dirty as hell. I don’t know, but it sounded beautiful after the change. I asked him if he did anything at all other than change oil and he said no. I don’t think he’d lie. Usually, when techs and mechanics discover something that “fixes” a problem, they want to brag about it. Nope. He said he did nothing. He did run my car on the scanner again, and he got the same code that the auto parts place got…the MAF sensor. It is not pulling another code such as an issue with any cylinders or anything else. Just the MAF. So, yeah, it looks like the used Impala MAF was just as bad as the one that had already had on my car. I have to buy a brand new one, and then maybe she’ll be almost perfect. I tell you what: I had a fantastic ride home. I almost couldn’t tell that it needed a MAF. 

I ran into this guy who drives a truck and lives in the neighborhood. Every time he sees me he says that he wouldn’t have gotten as far as I got doing the work. He said he didn’t have enough patience. I say that impatient people will find patience when they have no other choice. Like I said, my choices were as follows: Take the car apart and change the head gasket or be without a car for about seven years. 

I thank the Lord for that ride. I missed Walmart, lol. Walmart called me for an interview about a month ago, but they forgot all about me, and I guess I wasn’t too eager to hunt the interviewer down either. It’s a little far for me if the car isn’t working, so it’s best if I just keep a job that’s within walking distance of where I’m staying. 

I gotta get my schedule for next week from my boss. I talked to her this morning and explained why I don’t work Saturdays. She said her boss took issue with the staff members not doing Fri/Sat. Well, I can do part of Friday, I just can’t work after dark on Friday, and then I can’t come out until after dark on Saturday. By that time, the store is closed. If it were a 24-hour store, I’d be available for the third shift that night. 

I’m never trying to be a smart arse. It’s all about trying to worship my Maker. Those who choose to walk in the Israelite way, they have to keep the Sabbath whether they are blood Hebrews, white people, or Chinese people who love our Father or whatever. The rules are the same for all who get into the covenant with him. None are expired.

It’s something that I can’t compromise. It would literally hurt me disobey the Sabbath command. It’s important to Him. I always say this, but it’s written in the Bible so many dang times that you can’t help but get the message that it’s important to Him. It’s in there 157 times, and most of the time, He’s mentioning it in command format.  Thou shalt do no work. Thou shalt not profane my Sabbath. Remeber the Sabbath to keep it holy and 100+ other variations of the same command. 

I didn’t write this to preach, though. I wrote it to talk about the trip I had mostly. I missed my Walmart runs so much. I used to drive up there in the middle of the night and buy cheese. 

Well, I have a lot of work to do right now. I’ll Be back, journal. 

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