Memories aren’t always resting on the corners of our mind. They sometime are always on the mind mostly all the time. On special days we can remember love one’s that have gone from our life’s more. Like the day my Dad died sudden at home from a massive heart attack. All I can remember is I was 15 and seeing him lie on the couch and fight for his life and all the breath being pulled away from his body and his soul fighting to stay with the family he loved. Let me tell you that was a frighting thing to watch. Let me began by saying that my Dad was my hero and best friend. Not only was he a awesome husband and farther he was a amazing person and a friend to others he knew or didn’t know. If you needed help he was your man and he always kept his word. He was a humble man with compassion kindness, love and everything combine that is good. He was 53 when he departed this world and left behind a wife six children and a little humble house in Orlando Fl, There was a time that house was nestle in Smithtown NY on forestry land with a beautiful lake and trees in the back of our yard that you could see for miles. You see my Dad was always humble but not always poor or should I say unhealthy. Yes health is what happen to a life that was living life to the fullest. We all knew what being without and having plenty was. When my Dad had to go bankruptcy and lost his business because of his health it was a hard thing to take but not easy to accept for a man like my Dad. Not because of money but because of his Family being taken care of and provided for. We were always on his mind and in his heart. My Dad loved baseball and I loved it too and he would play every evening with me after dinner. I remember the ice cream rides in his 57 canary yellow Chevy and the awesome talks we would have. Talk about priceless nothing can take that away from the heart or mind. See Memories are always in the mind and hold on to the good ones for they will see you though the days and nights you think of love ones that are not with you anymore for those are the memories that are so so priceless.

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  1. Thank you so much for the holiday card! you are the BEST!

  2. You are very welcome and hope life is treating you well. I see you on facebook and it sure looks like you are having fun for sure.

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