So I guess this is a place as well? Anyone else here because OD coming back out of the (apparent) blue reminded you of all this online diary-keeping stuff? I sure did.

I used to keep my OD way back when I was a teen — I’m nearly thirty now. Time has both flown and not flown at all. I live in a new country. I have a rad as hell partner. I bought a vacuum the other week. Grown-up stuff like that, I guess.

And yet, I still can’t forget how it felt to basically throw up words into OD way back in the day. It was a not-so-great part of my life that I’m glad to leave behind, but the catharthis in actually doing it was really something else. Like draining off some kind of dark, mental poison. I wonder if I can recapture that these days.

So, I’m Sea, I like my coffee with a bit of honey and am still trying to decide if I like my tea sans milk or not. (It just does not taste the same with unsweetened soy milk. Not the same at all.) I desperately long for the aesthetic of being one of those people that rambles the streets of their town/city/local area for hours at a time, wearing tracks in the pavement and thinning out their shoes, but I have a very difficult time leaving the apartment building.

I like reading SFF, romance, and non-fiction. I’m obsessed with ships even though I honestly know jack shit about them. I think about the ocean every single day, and even though I only live a few miles’ walk from it, I haven’t seen it in a long time.

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