The Three Things….

One: I’m stopping the Meds. Two: I’m retiring on my time period regardless, I’ll work it out. Three: I don’t have to live here if I don’t want to. There will be options. Because the part of my agreement with myself is that I can be comfortable. 

And with that the Depression will stay low and I’ll be able to stick with the agreement. See how easy it is. I’m not feeling like doing anything or dealing with anything either. Depression? Yeah maybe not as I’m always like this, also, very hyped up with only one of the meds. I’m down a bit and I’m off the other one for two weeks now! I’m not sleeping to well and I’m sure that part of that is being out of control with the sugar. I treat my not feeling anything with food and deserts are a whole meal! Ooops. I like my week day work but it’s been hard to stick to a healthy routine, walking and eating better. My weight is up also. I do have a house I’m designing and a man to go with it…not much on a story line however….you know that fantasy stuff. I’ve been getting up real early….2, 3 AM. I like it as it’s quiet. The Kat is on that time frame to and it’s hard when I don’t want to get up on my one day off I let myself sleep in. Oh well…it’s still quiet. Anyway….just loafing around. Thanks  

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