He went to donate plasma so I could get my scrips for the infection on my foot.   Of course he got some beer.   He’s downed 2 and now he’s hiding in the bathroom to get away from me.  He tried to say it wasn’t me but I don’t believe him.   He had an argument with himself and blamed me for not letting the subject go when it was all him talking and I was just trying to lay down to take a nap.

When we first got together he would tell that he had to have some down time away from me.   He used say that he missed living alone and wished he still did.  Somehow I know he does feel that way and still does.  I’m out in the car.  I’m  going to go in and change into my clothes and leave. 

I’m gone.  I sent him a text apologised for having to spend part of his money on the scrips for me and he won’t respond.   Last night we had sex and it was terrible.  I’m sure I’ve lost him and probably to the rich pregnant bitch.  Why won’t he just move out and go to her?

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