Without you.

Hey J, right now im siting here in calistoga with my feet in the hot tub.. obviously from the picture. We are thinking about going on a trip in may with the fam. We all feel reluctant because you won’t be there. I feel like there’s no such thing as a family vacation anymore. Without you its empty. Without you its not complete. Without you no one knows what to do. Without you. What are we going to do without YOU?!!! I imagine what you would be doing with us or what you would say wherever i am whatever I am doing. We took a yoga class this morning.. you wouldve been soo bored lol. It was more of a physical therapy and stretching than it was yoga. It gave me too much time to think. Too much time to think about you. Again… i hope you’re enjoying all this attention!!! 😉😌 you would’ve got the BLT today at breakfast and a pizza last night for dinner. You would’ve gotten a white mocha this morning with your BLT too. Salena gomez is playing right now. You’d be singing along messing around. 

I’d eat a steak every day if it meant you could be here.. i love you. 

With love and relaxed feet,

~big sis

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