[243] ~*Sat – 04/14/18*~

[7:04 pm]

I’m being annoyed by a few things right now. First, that darn mucus that just doesn’t want to go away. I was doing somewhat fine but right now my throat is really bugging me. I keep swallowing a lot and coughing. Arg! My cat also keep trying to cuddle and I keep pushing her away. I feel awful about it but if she’s the reason why I’m having so much trouble I don’t want her too close to me but of course she always tries to cuddle when ever I’m on the computer.

The snow is now melting so that said, I can now see the mess I made during winter when I was parking on the side of the driveway. I want to fix it so damn bad but I know it’s still too early to do so but gaw it’s driving me crazy. I can also see the deck which have a hole in it cause it’s rotting and hub went through it last year. I still have no clue what I want done so I have no idea if we will have a new one made this year. Blah! I can also see all the leaves we haven’t picked up last fall so that’s something else that will need to be done. I don’t know if I will pay someone to do it or I might try to do it myself. It all depends on how many small branches there is. I normally do it myself but last year with all the wind we had, there was too many small branches to my liking so I paid someone to clean the yard. I also see that the bungee cord in the tree has fallen. I’m not too sure why it was there exactly as it was the previous owner that had done that but I assume it was to keep a branch from breaking and help support it. I’m not too too sure which branch it was exactly so I don’t really know how to fix it. Again, something that can wait next month when it’s nicer outside as right now it’s a bit wet as the snow is melting. It’s just all things I can now see that the snow is melting and it’s driving me crazy.

I’m also working on my farm which is giving me a hard time so I’m not really enjoying my play time at the moment. I sorta re-organized my farm but it’s not working so I just want to start it back from scratch. I just love the way it look so bad but it’s not helping me as far as play wise so I guess I may have to change it so it doesn’t look as pretty but for me to gain more points. I just don’t know where to start and what I want to do with it. I was trying to find ideas online but that was a fail. All I was able to find is that an upcoming update is on the way so I might have to wait for that cause apparently they will let us expend our farm in the new update. That said, if I re-do my whole farm right now and then get more room, I will just have to move stuff around again so I might have to wait but I have no clue when this update is coming out and me being me, I want my farm to be redone NOW. ARG!

I’m currently sorta reading three books at once. I had started the book mom gave me for my Bday cause I didn’t have any more books from the library but I had ordered some and of course they came in before I could finish the book mom gave me. That said, I have put that one aside cause of course I want to read the library one firsts as I need to give those back but the one mom gave me, I can read it anytime. I was also reading a book about a month ago and couldn’t finish it cause someone had put a hold on it so I had to return it. I just got that book back yesterday so I have to finish that one as well but I’m already currently reading another one from the library. I don’t know which one I should be reading right now.

I’m still having a really hard time with my sleeping. I’m just always exhausted so the more I think about it, the more I think I should start taking Wed off cause my body seem to need it. Last night I decided to hop in the tub around 10:45 pm as I was heading to bed to read. I did so cause while I relax in the tub, I read so I figured I might as well sit in the tub for a lil and read and then get washed. I stayed in there until about 11:15 pm and then wait straight to bed to read some more. At midnight I put my book away like a good girl and took my pill to sleep. Could I sleep?! No sir! My night was hell, I kept waking up every 20 mins or so just as if I hadn’t took any pill. I was so very tired this morning. I sat in the PC room to talk to hub and tears just started falling. He told me to call in sick but I hate doing so at the last minute so I forced myself to get dress and get out the door. I managed to do the first client but then we got done early so I had texted hub to make me something to eat for when I’d get home but not even a minute later I told him to forget about it, that I would go nap for an hour instead since I had the time. It’s just so bad. All I can think about is sleep when I have some free time between clients. So of course I came back home and straight to bed I went for an hour.

SPOILER ALERT! I went out to the movies with my second client and I’m surprised I didn’t fall asleep. I was munching on snacks at the beginning so that was keeping me awake but I still managed to stay awake the whole movie. We saw Rampage which I didn’t think I’d enjoy but I kinda did. I was all impress at the end when the gorilla dies. It’s nice to see a sad ending instead of a happy one where every main characters survive. Then it ends up that the gorilla was faking it and he survived so I was a bit bleh about it. It was funny as he was laughing and gave the finger to his friend but still, I was okay with him dying.

So that’s pretty much it for my complaining of the day. I’ve put the dishes in the dishwasher and that’s currently washing. I need to take a shower cause I need to wash my hair which I’m totally not looking forward too. I’ll need to do that not too late cause I want to try and go to bed early-ish again in hope that I will actually sleep tonight. I would be taking my shower right now but I’ve learned my lesson once when I took a shower while the dishwasher was going. Won’t be doing that again.

The clothes I washed the other day is still sitting in the basket and in the dryer but I believe that will stay there as well. I’m just drained and don’t feel like doing anything. Really I’d want to sit here, watch shows and work on my farm but like I said, I don’t know if I should get on that right now if they are gonna add some expansion to it.

Well, I’m a bit hungry so let’s stop the complaining and grab something to eat.




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