Im so stressed out

My doctor is still stressing me out. He thinks I can get over my anxiety problems and I explain how I can’t do things like I cant drive or work, but just because I can do other things he thinks I can learn to do other stuff. Ive been around 42 freakin years and been stuck like this since I was a kid. Ive been to doctors and therapists since I was eleven. I have selectuve mutism and Asperger’s. 

Everybody can do some things and others can do a lot. I have no job. I have hypocondria and I make myself mentally stressed or sick to the point of crying and anxiety atracks. Last year, I spent months thinking of suicide. At this point that is not anything I want to do. If you judge harshly,  please do not comment. It wont help if you have not been through at least some mental issue.




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