[244] ~*Sun – 04/15/18*~

[11:22 pm]

Last night I did good. I ended up going to bed later than expected cause I took a late shower, washed my hair, had to dry it and straighten it. I was a bit scared cause last time the purple started fading right after the first wash but all seems to be normal this time. I also started re-organizing my farm and I couldn’t stop. That said, when I finally went to bed it was already midnight so I decided to take my pill right away and read a lil until I’d feel sleepy. I don’t like doing it this way cause most of the time, I don’t recall the last few pages I’ve read cause my brain doesn’t register what I’m doing anymore even if I don’t really realize that I’m becoming sluggish.

This morning I wasn’t too tired but still a bit cause I slept pretty good up to 6 am. I ended up looking at the time when I went to the bathroom. I was all happy cause I still had two hours and a half to sleep but of course I woke up a lot during those two hours cause I had looked at the time. Once I look, I’m doomed.

Work wasn’t too bad as the day went fairly quick. Sun’s used to drag on but now they seem to be going faster. I guess I got more things to do so I don’t look at the time as often as I used to. I hate how they seem to leave all the damages for me to do. I always end up spending an hour or two repairing stuff cause people or too lazy to do it as they find damaged things. I guess it wasn’t too bad today cause I had my lil work place and I was actually enjoying repairing stuff.

I didn’t go for pizza after work. I cheated and got some on Wed so I decided to be good and make myself something to eat at home. I watched a few Desperate Housewives, took a nice bath and here I am, writing. It’s already late so I should be heading to bed but I think I might watch another episode before going cause I want to work some more on my farm. Me and my addictions.




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