Advice anyone?

I am currently in history class and very bored so I thought I’ll write something. 

So I kinda have a problem that I would really like some advice with. Some time ago me and my friend went to some guy’s house and drank a bit alcohol. My friend fell asleep and me and that guy kissed.

That wasn’t a problem because we agreed it was a mistake and everything ended really well. The problem is that I told 2 friends of mine what had happened. I know that one of them hasn’t said anything but I am pretty sure that the other friend told someone. I heard from the friend which was with that day and fell asleep that her friend knows about what happened. It’s kind of complicated to explain but this person who now knew is a really good friend with the person I told to and suspect of telling. I know it doesn’t look like a big deal but it is to me because it felt like betrayal when he revealed my secret. I don’t know how to aprroach him or if I should even do it. I really need advice.


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