Day 765 to 777 – School, awkward moments, and art

Saturday, April 14, 2018 

Many days have passed, whoops!

Well, I’m not quite sure what happened. Same old, really. I had some art projects—currently working on an abstract one, I did a test for Writer’s Craft, I’m nearly done my programming class… So I’ve been productive. Oh! I’m also in a group to work on the online art gallery for my school’s website which is pretty cool.

There isn’t quite a lot to say, really. I’ve been fangirling over Harry Potter, then A Series of Unfortunate Event, then Star Wars… I think I fell back into Star Wars.

Oh! A funny awkward moment I should include, I suppose. I was working on the art website with my friend in my technology class when near the end of our free period, a group in suits that came from France walked into to talk to my technology teacher about the R2d2 he’s built and possibly the second one he’s making. I should ask him about it—glad they’re taking an interest. Our class has been getting a lot of attention for having all these kinds of technology. Back to the story, the exit was blocked off by them. We stood there for a few seconds until the assistant director told us we could stay. We said we had a class to get to and they made the way for us. I think we left a bit rudely, so sorry if we ruined some chances there, haha. We were dying of laughter about the situation. To make matters worse for me, I tried getting into the art class but was having a repeated “No, after you” moment with the substitute teacher where it went back and forth four times, haha. My friend then told me about how she dropped some things at work and how that was awkward to make me feel less awkward. After all that laughter and awkwardness, we ended up having a very philosophical conversation because we were trying to figure out a message for our abstract paintings based off the two random words each that we were given. Mine was “plants” and “selling”. You had to branch off from those two words, and I managed to find a flower where I loved the description: “Instead of being in the ground, it floats on water.” My friend managed to think that to attain happiness, you have to understand you would never reach the summit (sky), but know that you attained already a lot (water). The “selling” part made me think of the word “attain”, so there you go. I think this message works great for me.

Other than that, had a game night with the staff! We started off with board games and then played Cards Against Humanity. It was fun and a good bonding time!

That’s all for today.

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