It’s No Wonder

As I’m being told by one person and then another and another that they downloaded my book via KU, I’m sitting here wondering why nothing is showing up on my sales reports. Doubting that all these people are lying, I started to suspect Amazon may be ripping me off. Well, in a sense my hunch is right, thanks to new devices.

If your Kindle Unlimited page reads suddenly tanked, it’s probably because of this…

It’s no wonder! This really pisses me off, too. It’s like I’m literally writing stories and then paying Amazon to sell them. Well, no more! I edited the pricing of each book and disallowed for lending.

Despite not getting paid for my work, a very special thanks to my new beta reader for acting as a secondary editor!

Tom and I chatted with the neighbors yesterday. They verified that it was the Internet company that was out but they don’t know what or if they’re going to do anything at all.

I was discussing heart rates with other people and I realize that everyone has their own normal HR. It’s no real cause for alarm for me if my HR goes a little over 100, but I can see where even the 80s would be a concern for some people with HRs much lower than mine.

Although I’m still not as used to the heat as I used to be when I was younger, skinny and living in the desert, I noticed I was more tolerant to it when out walking yesterday, again suggesting I could be very close to menopause and through the worst of the peri. It’s going to cool down and rain a little again, though.

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