So we’ll see about that

Hey J,

Today we came back from Calistoga and I drove to Elk Grove. A lot of driving which also means a lot of distraction which is a good thing! anyways I had to pee so bad and had to get gas so I pulled over at a gas station and got gas. Then I realized there was no bathroom and the place was closed.. I said screw it.. opened my doors and peed in between the doors. As I was peeing I noticed a security camera. So we’ll see about that one lol. Hey you know what ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I feel like that’s kinda like what our channels are like to you. Security cameras. Anyways it’s 8:11 anfd im sitting on the floor writing this to you. I haven’t eaten yet but will soon. I think we are going to sushi. You loved sushi. I wish I would’ve gone to your last birthday. Seen your last smile, sang you your last birthday song, gave you your last birthday hug, just seen you on your last birthday. But I didn’t and I have to live with that now. Cause it’s not something you think about.. That it could be your last opportunity to see someone. I think about that a lot more now. 

I got a massage today. I thought I was just getting a massage.. I thought. Well the lady is 29 and was super nice. She is like an older version of me. Pretty cool to connect to someone on a different level when you don’t expect it. We talked about you. About your necklace about what happened to you and about how to move forward from it. I told her by the end of it that she can add a therapist to the list of her job descriptions. She is a masseuse, yoga instructor, and now a therapist. I don’t think you actually care about this but just thought I’s share. 

With the off chance you are still reading just want to say I love and miss you.



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