Sunday April 15th



















No dates this weekend. I don’t know what Greg is waiting for. He did say (via text) that we need to go out this week. So far, everything has been via text. He texted me after I’d gone to sleep something about we need to determine if we both want to same things or we need to move on. What the hell? We haven’t even been on a first date and he’s talking about breaking up. lol. I am getting really efficient on ruining relationships. The guy I went out with last Saturday texted regularly Sunday and Monday, then poof. He ghosted. No reason, no explanation, just radio silence. I don’t get it. I miss the good old days when people actually ended things. I know that Greg is not an intellectual, but I do think he is a really good man. He loves his children and has raised them on his own. I have these ideals in my mind as to what kind of person I think I want a relationship with, but so far, I haven’t found one- the person or the relationship. 

Per facebook, my friends went to Keeneland yesterday. I wasn’t invited. It was a “couples” day. Ugh. That’s all D cares about is having someone to be the other half of her couple for fucking facebook pics. Wow. everyone thinks you have such a perfect life. I have to wonder what choices people would make if there was no social media platform on which to showcase your perfect life. 








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