Turn Lemons into Lemonade

While our home life can be chaotic at times and it is not hidden from our boys, I try to make the best of every situation.  King expects excellence out of everyone but does not set the same example.  If the beastlies were to throw their coats on the couch, right next to the hooks provided, he will throw a fit and take privilages.  If he throws his coat on the couch, next to the hook, it’s okay.  

This morning started like every other normal morning with a kiss and a cup of coffee. We were going on a road trip so he could buy more tools. I was dog sitting for a friend. When I came back from letting the dog out, King had tossed his coat again on the couch. Something he has done for years and I complain about. So I pick it up and hang it on his hook.  This set him off…. 

Why? Because last night I left the flashlight on the table.  He hangs shelves all over and has shit on them, such as his big, ugly, bulky Milwaukee flashlight.  Because he desiginated that as the spot for his flashlight, I have to accept it. God forbid I leave my little 4 inch mini torch on the table. So he picks a fight.  I finally decide to air all of my grieviences with him. Every little thing that he does that I tolerate and all I ask is for him to hang his coat and close the shower curtian.  

The beasts listen to this and decide to bad mouth King when he leaves.  This is not okay for me. They don’t like that he is a tyrant and they see how he expects us all to follow rules but he is exempt. Once King left I had a sit down with my boys.  Children learn from their environment and it can go either way.  The best I can do is get them to understand what is okay and what isn’t. 

Todays lemonade was equality in your partnership.  That if you expect your partner to make changes, you better be prepared to make some yourself.  That if you want your children to behave a certain way, you should behave accordingly.  I got lots of smiles and “don’t worry mom, we will be better than this”.  

King has many positive attributes. He is consistant. He is loyal. He is responsible. He is an asshole though.  If my kids can learn one thing, it’s that they can be firm but loving all at the same time. 

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