[245] ~*Mon – 04/16/18*~

[11:45 pm]

It’s not really early but sorta as I’m off tomorrow and can sleep in but I think I will be heading to bed now. It’s almost midnight so I guess it’s not that early. Not like I’ll be sleeping now anyway as I’ll be reading before sleeping. I just hope I don’t end up reading until 4 am cause I really need to get up tomorrow and clean the suggies cage as it’s over due. My plan is to put my book away at 2 am at the latest but I feel a bit tired so I might do it before that.

I ended up taking my pill before reading last night as well cause I didn’t wanted to be reading too late. I’m trying my hardest to work on getting to sleep earlier so I can have close to eight hours sleep.

Surprisingly, I didn’t get any cancellation today so I worked ALL DAY. I didn’t get to sleep in OR come home and nap. I didn’t even have time to go to the Casino. I was thinking about going after work but decided to just come home cause I was a bit tired. I wanted to get some things done tonight, like putting away the dishes that are still in the dishwasher and starting some laundry but I decided that it could all way tomorrow. I think 13 hrs of work was enough for today. I just really, really hope that I will get up not later than 3 pm tomorrow so I can get it all done.

I’ve been having a hard time with my allergies or what ever today. I was coughing a lot, sneezing and having to blow my nose. I’ve been taking a pill daily for it but I’m not too sure if it’s working or not and it sucks cause next week I will have to stop taking it cause I’m going for some allergies test on May 2 and I need to stop taking all allergy pills and cough medicine a week before the test. Not looking forward that week at all. I haven’t coughed-puked mucus in a few days thought so I guess it must be sorta working.

Well, it’s basically midnight now so I shall head to bed if I want to be a good girl. Hehe!




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