April 2018

After Lenten season, we are again back to our private Easter altar, and review or surmising the works of the  twelve disciples. We know, that St. Peter who was the head among them, traveled to different areas and spoke about to a lot of gentiles. The Jews especially the elitist could not admit that Jesus is the messiah, and they even tried to cover up the true happening in his resurrections. In the Philippines, there are still lots of backsliders, and they can not admit that Jesus is a true God, and is one personality with God the Father. And there is one church, which also consider Jesus Christ as a mere man. And there is also another one from Davao who is presumed a smuggler, and then also propagate that he is the anointed Jesus in Earth today. He smuggled 350 thousand dollars from the US. He had assorted high powered firearms in his airplane. The FBI accosted him in Hawaii, and there goes the liar, he denied owning it.
Many are overjoyed when Duterte, accepted the resignation of Vitaliano Aguirre. He was a frat brod of Duterte, and the brightest in his class. He was a topnotcher  but he misused his capability, by turning the DOJ as the haven of Fake News and evidences. He even made the Department as a massage clinic for corruption. many said that he is one of the cabinet of Duterte, who has a big wallet and a pocket. his issues when he left the department sound like the biggest garbage bin in the country. When he submitted his resignation, Duterte right away sworn Deputy Cabinet Secretary Menardo Guevarra as his replacement. Duterte did not make any comment but smiled a lot in contentment. At least one bald eagle is out for a barbecue now. Manny Piniol , Agriculture Secretary, has also a very queer project. That is to rent a land in Papua New Guinea, and cultivate rice there. This guy is born in Mindanao, and yet he never realized that we have still large areas there which is uncultivated. If they want to help the Philippine Agriculture then, this is the right time to help them. Bringing our money to distant land is one way of circumventing expenditure to suit the desired corruption. This guy is good in project which has the intent to blind the people. How is the promised platform of stopping drug menace within 3 to 6 months? Truly, the administration is a joke. Duterte said, he will jetski and plant flag there in the West Philippines Sea, yet, it ended up by serving China as a lapdog, and give the whole Territory to them. Now he wanted CJ Justice Sereno out, so that he will never be reviewed by the Supreme Court. Maybe, he will prevail, because our Supreme Court is no longer a reliable institution of justice. Most of the appointee there are suckling dogs of the past Presidents, who are now domesticated kangaroos of Digong. Our economy now is so low, and we relied now to people who are working abroad. The prime commodities are way beyond reach because of soaring prices. And we have large budget deficit, which can stimulate more debts to China. It will make us a province of China, if we can not pay it on time. knowing that the interest is a soaring 3%, that is one way of strangling our neck. God said, there is no bad tree that will bear good fruit. So, we are on the way to perdition.
Just a health ad lib, we are born, mostly, normal. And it is the interaction of different factors, that changes the status of our health. The environment is no longer the same. The climate is going so harsh, and there are lots of microbes now, which has mutated into unmanageable level. The age of antibiotics emerges resistant strain, and the use of chemical as fertilizers and pesticide, devolve our fertile ground into sources of cancer contaminants. We have lots of good Doctors, but since their practice is more on specialty, they could no longer remember, that our body is holistic in characteristics. You can solve the problem of your heart by angioplasty, because of clots in the coronary blood vessels, but what about those other organs which is affected by the same. Maybe, they will refer it to other specialty, but it also bring another cost of expenditure and less assurance. Yet, all this problem can be solved by a simple natural approach. God and his disciples were able to cure a dead person, by resurrecting them, with a very simple approach of faith, and Jesus promised to everyone that those things can also be done to you nowadays. Only one thing, you have to change your lifestyle, diet and exercise. Dont forget to pray, and meditate. Imagine that Jesus is touching your diseased organ, and with your patience and faith, you will be cured. There is nothing impossible with God. To God be the Glory.

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