Baby Steps

I think after you’ve experienced a moment of depression, it takes baby steps to get back to yourself. Whatever you experienced left a print in your mind and subconsciously it’ll always be there. For example, heartbreak. You get over it but when the pain crosses your mind you feel that nasty feeling in the pit of your stomach. Ouuuucchhh!!! It burns. You quickly have to snap out of it. So, you take baby steps. You remind yourself that the hurt is something that happened but it’s no longer happening. You talk to friends. You watch a movie. You talk to yourself. You use these outlets to slowly redirect your thoughts so your energy will remain positively bright! Nobody wants to live in darkness. 

After my few days of depression, my baby steps were writing, talking to friends, cleaning, and the biggest of them all was realizing that sometimes my complaints are minimal compared to others. Not to say my feelings aren’t valid, but I had to tell myself that I’m in a much better space than others. Who am I to dwell in this sadness when someone can’t pay their bills? Who am I to dwell in this depression when someone is battling a disease. I just needed to find happiness in what I have and not in what I don’t have. When I look over what I’ve been through and how I overcame being a single mother who could’ve still been in poverty…I just had to smile. Trouble doesn’t last always; neither will depression. Unless, you let it. Baby steps. Start today. 

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