Today, we have been doing some running around and in my mind it has taken entirely too long. We’ve also spent a little bit too much money for my liking and I’m just a bit irritated about both. I will not go into any discussions about that because, it ain’t nobody’s business. 

My Wife Birthday yesterday was a very good one. We went to Walmart to get her cake, she picked out a triple chocolate Hershey’s cake with kisses on the top. It was very good and very rich, ha ha. Whilst we were walking around the store, she stopped some nitegowns. She picked one out in a green colour with some lacing on the shoulders and the back, and a pink coloured one as well. She wore the green one last nite and she looks absolutely divine in it, which I told her so. She was happy with both of her selections. I know that she needs more clothing, and I will get it for her as soon as I can. 


I cannot wait until this Thursday morning when I can finally get my tooth looked at. That’s going to be the start of my investing in me. I have a plan for everything that I will accomplish. It starts on 01 May. I will not be looking back any more from that point on. I am ready for this challenge because, I know that I will be successful at it. Nothing can hold me back from the things that I have my mind set upon in the Lord’s Grace. 

We have some gardening to do which we will get started this Friday. We have some things in mind that really are very simple. Like putting some containers on the steps and having some flowers in them. We think that will look really good. The work that we have to do is all in the backyard. We have a bunch of logs in the way and they have never cleaned it out so, we will do that. It’s good practice for when we have our own garden to cultivate. I have so many things in mind to do for our farm that I know we will be the envy of our neighbours.


I’ve got to get to work on my writing.



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