First Journal

I decided I wanted to start a journal. I have so much I want to talk about and let off my chest but some how I can never find a way to say anything in front of people; especially my loved ones. I mean, I guess I can but I rather keep it to myself at times. They won’t understand. I have no clue what to write or what to say. I hear that all this  is suppose to help elease a lot of what is inside. No, Don’t get me wrong – I am not some type of freak, I swear. This is something I need. Could you guys give me advise back on this thing? Cause’ that is what I need sometimes as well. I actually wanted to start a website where I can tell my stories and life. Everyone now-a-days due live pod cast which is weird to me. I am just not use to doing anything of this sort. Well, hopefully once I get the hang of this I would be good at sharing my stories and hopefully publish a book.  Although, writing was my worst subject in school. This should help me over come that, right? I want to write how much I have over- come and what I had to accomplish to get where I want to be. Even though, I haven’t gotten far yet. I hope to write about goals , ideas, thoughts, and dreams. Talk about work, my weight journey, relationships,  and Who I am and wish to became. I  have no clue where to start… I guess this is it. Cheers to a new start in Journal-ling ! 

Wish me Luck ! 

– Kisses,


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  1. Welcome, Jess! This is a good journal online, and yes people will give you feedback, which is always interesting and sometimes fun. Happy journaling!

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