Clutter Redistribution

So I worked a long shift yesterday. I don’t feel very good this morning, but that’s probably because of my choice of food and drink. I inhaled a whole lot of dietary nonsense just because it was there, and I had a sweet tooth. I think the sugar content made me sick. For example, I ate an entire box of  Cap’n Crunch Oops! All Berries. Don’t worry; the box wasn’t a normal sized box. It was a discounted dwarf box. 

Work actually went by pretty fast because I was trying to put stock away and clean as well as take care of the customers. It’s just not possible to get all of such work done by the end of the shift, at least not for me. Furthermore, my boss has somewhat of a cluttering issue. Every time I work, I walk into a register tornado that I don’t understand how to clean. Remember, everyone has a different personality, so they handle their personal space differently. My boss apparently likes to clutter. It doesn’t really bother me. I prefer to have things a little neater unless I’m in an “I don’t even give a crap” mood, which does happen sometimes.

The problem was that I had no idea where to put the clutter. Obviously, trash is trash, but what about the rest of the stuff? Where the hell does all this stuff go? Lol, I ended up redistributing the clutter to a different area, which didn’t really solve the clutter problem. It just got the registers clean, which is what she asked me to do. 

Apparently, everyone on my job knows what my beliefs as far as my ancestry and “religion.” People let me know by the things they say to me sometimes. They have this subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle way of letting me know where they stand, as well. One person still believes that Moses’s real image is that of Charlton Heston. The other person who talked to me is into fornication, I suppose.

All such things have to be handled with love and care. I wanted to break  into a sermon about Moses and the rest of the Hebrews, but then I thought, “Wait, wasn’t there a time when you thought Moses looked just like Charlton Heston, too?” In fact, as I said before, I read the entire Bible the first time and still thought Moses looked like Charlton Heston. Media is a powerful thing that often blinds many. So, I can’t get mad at someone else for not seeing it right now. God will open the eyes on His time, and He’ll do it whether I work there and act as a mouthpiece or not. 

As far as the other person and the life that person leads, well, I still love that person. I half thought this person was just messing with me by the things that were said, but if not, then there’s a whole lot of rebellion going on. What do I even say to something like that? There’s a fine line between being informational, preaching, and then violating other people’s rights in the workplace.

I’m trying to conduct myself professionally without violating, but then again, the stuff that was said to me might be seen as a violation, as well. Stripping, club hopping, and fornication aren’t my cups of tea, and they’re not things that my Master approves of either. I don’t think I’m better than anyone when I say I don’t do those things. I just don’t do them, and I don’t understand them. I never did. Fornication, yeah, I was guilty of such a thing before I repented. Yes, sir, I was. I sort of understand why people do that, although my reasons were probably different. But I always hated things that put women in degrading positions. Stripping is just one of those things on the list of things I’d rather die than do. That’s not a joke. There’s an unwritten list of things I’d rather die than do, and then there’s a list of things I’d rather die than do again. I’m not sure why those things ever got done, but they’ll never be done again. 

Long story short: I’m trying to be the best employee I can be and the best follower of Yah that I can be without offending, judging, or scaring anyone. Lol. I never want to come off like a holier than thou type. I’m not holier than thou, and I’m definitely not flawless. See: previous post. Perhaps I’m a little more obedient than thou at this time, but that can change. Sin can be forgiven, and the Word can be installed into their hearts, as well.

If people bring these things to me, then they are inviting me to converse about them, no? Well, they’re going to get the truth.


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