He’s claiming that the military taught him to act like he’s lying…never looking someone in the eye, bouncing around from foot to foot, and he’s claiming he’s basically medically frigid, he doesn’t feel good, he ate too much, too tired–any excuse to not have sex.  He says the army did that to him.  He won’t answer me as to why he didn’t bother to get help once he got back or the army didn’t make any effort to deprogram him.  The jail I worked in never taught me to act that way toward everybody.  Now more than ever I believe he’s not telling me the truth.  I’m even more convinced that he’s cheating.  I’ve pretty much told him sex is off the table.  He said no it isn’t but I put my foot down.  No more touching, hugging or kissing… physical contact.  My head and my gut are telling me that he’s being honest with me but I refuse to believe it.  I’ll never trust my instincts again.   He’s already about 4 or 5 beers into another drunk.  They’ll be gone by morning and the gods only know how many times he’s going to pee in the bed tonight because he’s too drunk to wake up.

I refuse to let him touch me, I will not look at him…I’ve told him I’m going to start looking for someone that’s not medically frigid.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had sex with him in the middle of the night when I was under my sleeping pills or didn’t feel good.  He doesn’t want to hear it.  He keeps saying we’ve got to communicate better but if I try to tell him something he starts yelling and refuses to believe anything I say.  So I’m just not going to tell him anything.  I’m no longer talking to him.

2 thoughts on “medical”

  1. Sounds like an excuse to me. I served 21 years in the AF, including a year of combat in Afghanistan. The military makes damn sure you are mentally ok upon returning and if not, you are provided with help. This isn’t Vietnam anymore where the guys upon returning had to fend for themselves.

    This guy is toxic. Get out and away from him evrn if it means goibg to a shelter. You are worth so much more than being being someone’s doormat.

  2. I agree. My cousin was in the Army and did two tours in the Middle East. He doesn’t constantly act shady like that. I’ve read all of your entries and I think this guy is literally just using you. Furthermore, I don’t think that this other girl is actually well off because if she was I would bet he would be with her since he seems to be the type to mooch off others.

    One last thing, you keep saying you try and break up with him and he refuses…you can’t refuse a breakup. If you want to break up with him, you’re broken up and he needs to get the hell out. If he gets belligerent, you call the cops. There is no reason to keep putting yourself through this roller coaster. He doesn’t get to decided you guys are together if you keep saying you don’t want to be.

    I hope you find the courage to truly end this toxic relationship soon

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