Monday April 16th

I have a date Saturday. With Greg. We finally made plans. I am afraid of being too optimistic about this, but I’m pretty optimistic. 

Later, that same day…

I am really getting excited about seeing Greg on Saturday. We texted a lot today. He really is an unbelievably good man. I have never had anyone be good to me- kind to me- or treat me well. I have always chosen assholes because you go with what you know- my parents treated me like dog shit, so that was my expectation. I have always been treated like I am disposable. Replaceable. I kind of have a knee jerk push back reaction to someone that is kind to me. If they are kind to me I am almost repulsed by it. I can’t let myself sabotage this relationship. I think it really might work out. I know that sounds crazy since we haven’t even met in person yet, but this could legit be what I’ve been waiting for. 


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