royal backfire

It backfired.  He got up this morning being all huggy kissy claiming I was right that he wasn’t paying enough attention to me.  He’s acting like a whole other person so far today.  It probably won’t last more than a day or two.

3 hours later:  Just as I expected.  It didn’t last.  He’s back with his head buried in his phone.  He’s tanking up on food so he’ll be too full to fool around.  Typical.  Why can’t he just let me go already?  I guess it’s possible that his sex drive has tanked out.  My ex husband’s did.  He couldn’t keep a hard on and got some meds from the doctor that didn’t work.  I wish I had some cash.  I’d go get some of the over the counter stuff and spike his food and wait to see what happens.  I don’t think he did sneak out last night because he fell asleep pretty quick.  I was up and down about every 30 minutes last night.  He snores real lightly when he’s asleep.  Unless he’s learned to fake that too.  I wish I had the money to get a couple of those spy cams to put in the room and one in the back of the car to tape it if he’s got the bitch picking him up.  I’m too scared to pull what I want to pull to call his hand.  Call the bitch anonymously and tell her to come get him and have her give some outrageous story to tell me that he texted her and begging her to come get him and I wouldn’t let him leave the room or out of my sight.  It was kind of suspicious that he went to the plasma place and had to be there at a certain time to donate when it’s walk in and first come first serve.  I wondered if he had her meeting him there and she was already in the building when we got there.  I think I scared him a bit when he came out and I had gone over to Wal Mart to use the bathroom.  If he’s not cheating I just wish I knew why he has lost so much interest in sex with me unless he doesn’t think I’m sexually attractive any more.  I’m losing weight so I will look better.  Maybe that’s why he’s losing interest is because he’s weird and likes fat women. He claimed that he was drawn to me because I’m a redhead.

He just keeps using every excuse in the book to not have sex with me.

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