“The E is strong in this one”

That’s what my husband said yesterday as he proceeded to observe my Saturday cleaning spree. He usually isn’t home to witness how my Evekeo (ADHD med) effects me on a day off when it kicks in AND I have hyperfocus mode going. Yesterday it was on our house. In a span of 4 hours:

-Unloaded/loaded the dishwasher

-Did 3 loads of laundry which included hanging up and organizing all my scrubs for the week.

-Vacuuming and dusting the living room

-Vacuuming up the stairs

-Cleaning our our upstairs hallway bathroom

-Deep cleaning the master bedroom bathroom, comeplete with CLR and a toothbrush for the hardwater build up.

-Washing/drying master bathroom rugs after vacuuming the floor

All while listening to 80’s hairbands and singing lyrics at the top of my lungs and being cheerful 😱😱😱

I am still kicking myself for not having gotten put on meds sooner. I never knew life could be this way.

One thought on ““The E is strong in this one””

  1. Wow talk about cleaning mania too bad you couldn’t clean my place yesterday. I can’t stand doing domestic stuff

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