[246.1] ~*Tue – 04/17/18*~

[10:37 pm]

I finished the suggies cage, put my laundry on hold and went to the Casino. I first tried mom’s friend card and got $50. Woohoo! I played $25 in a machine and took out $60. I then tried mom’s card and only got $5 so didn’t make anything with that. I then tried my friend’s card and got $5 so again, didn’t make anything with that. I went back with mom’s friend card and played $15 and took out $30. I then played $10 but didn’t make anything with that. In all I came back home with $90 for mom’s friend which is exactly what I had made the last time I won with her card. I’m seeing a pattern over here. Haha! I’m okay with it though. As long as I’m making some money, I’m happy.

I came back home, talked to mom and now I’m finishing my laundry. I really want to put away all the clothes tonight but I have a feeling I won’t be doing it. We shall see.

Mom said the tombstone was fine and that I needed to send the okay to have it made before I change my mind again. I’m trying to send the okay but I’m having a real hard time doing so. I keep looking at the picture, in hope of finding something wrong with it. Like I’ve said before, as long as there isn’t a tombstone, it’s not real. Spring is here thought so I should really send the okay so we can have it this summer. Arg! I’m just having a real hard time with it. I’m currently looking at it and, I just don’t know.

Anyways, time to watch a show or two while playing my farming game before heading to bed.




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