So backstory cut short…

My English class has four major essays for our grade. My first two essays I got a 98% (which is the highest grade you can get because our teacher doesn’t give out 100%s) and I got a 92% for my second one. I try really hard with all of my assignments and do pretty well on them along with quizzes. I know my teacher has definitely shown recognition for my effort and so after the third essay, I’m sure he also noticed a decline in my performance. 

An 88% is not bad for it being the hardest essay of the course. However, something in me told me I really could have done better with it. No matter how hard I worked, I really could have done better. 

So coincidently I missed a ten point quiz after that. My latest journal also suffered some more than usual grammar errors. 

Then, one day before class begun, my teacher declared he was about to dive into a “one month before the end of the semester keep up the good work” speech. I (along with the rest of the class) laughed half-heartedly as well as a bit nervously. 

He went on to say how a couple years ago he had a really good student that did really fantastic on the first two essays, and not as well comparatively on the third. He mentioned that it wasn’t even a bad grade, it was still really good, but in the student’s mind it wasn’t that shiny & golden A he wanted. 

Throughout most of the rest of the course, the student started to lack participation and failed to do that good on quizzes or homework assignments. He ended the class with a D. 

I took this straight away as a message to me. Even though he didn’t make eye contact once throughout this speech. I also know this teacher doesn’t mean to say it to threaten me or even scare me. I know what he means to do is motivate me. 

I hope at least that’s what he intended. Every semester I start of with a full tank of gas and then slowly start to lose steam as the semester goes on. (especially if I get a less than highly valued grade). I’m motivated now, however, to try harder and end the semester with a great argumentative essay. It will be the best essay I have written all year, I will be sure of it. 

I will later update you guys on the outcome of my essay grade. 

Wish me luck 🙂



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