im entitled to hurt aren’t I?

I am so sick of being told that i cant have feelings. Im so fed up with hearing that im not allowed to hurt over something that has passed or an issue that is no longer around. I am too busy to mourn and have a big ass cloud over my head so i hurt at random times. Little things will set me off and then I am back to where I started. I can’t control when it happens but I try to not let it happen often but when it does there’s nothing I can do about it. Im hurt im trying to mend my heart and my soul while being in school full time. I don’t have time for myself, I haven’t had time to heal or hardly process what has happened or what has gone on. I am just so sick of trying to have my feelings controlled. I don’t have time or patience for an escape or for a way to keep my emotions from showing. I can’t help it I just im losing a grip of myself and it scares me. I don’t know who I am anymore …

One thought on “im entitled to hurt aren’t I?”

  1. I know exactly how i feel. There’s days where all I do is cry and don’t know who I am

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