My horrible Anicent Civilization teacher who shall remain anonomous

Aloha people sorry i havent written in a while not then anybody cares but if your a teacher PLEASE INCREASE MY SELF ASTEAM AFTER THIS STORY. 

Ok sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! In ancient civ (civilization) we were doing an ancient China section. So my teacher (who i will call Mrs. A) handed out some homework. But it wasnt really homework it was more classwork but could turn into homework. Then came the day to turn it in. GAH NO I FORGOT IT AT HOME. Every students worst nightmare, so i just didnt turn it in. But at my school we have this thing called homework lab which is like making up work but only for half credit. So Mrs. A gave me a homework lab slip (which is usally the next day). and im pumped for this day i got my work with me and wait hold on NOOOOOOOOOOO I FORGOT MY HOMEWORK AGAIN!!!!! So im like crud ok ill just tell my counselor and we can get this all fixed. (FYI my counselor runs the homework lab thing so woot! woot!) But she wasnt at school that day so i let days go by without turning in this stupid ancient china paper. I was called into my counselor’s office and she told me go email Mrs. A tell her whats going on. So i did and here is the Email (copy and pasted)




Dear Mrs. A,


               On netclassroom it said I did not attend homework lab for the philosophies on February 1st, which is both true and false. What happened was I forgot the work at home again the day of the lab and the teacher overviewing the homework lab(not Mrs. Schenuda that day) told me to just leave and that she couldn’t do anything. The next day I brought the work so I could clear things up with Mrs. Schenuda and get the work turned in, I told her my situation and she took the homework and I don’t know what happened to the papers after that. I don’t know what you can do about this situation if anything I just wanted to let you know I tried to get things sorted out after my many mistakes.


-Emily Polydoros

Block F



Let me know if you need any clearifications on who is who in the email.






SO i sent her the email which i think was respectful as well my mom and dad. I thought everything was going to be ok after that but boy i thought wrong. She comes up to me and class and this is her lecture basicly word for word. “So i got your email and im annoyed, you expect me to DROP EVERYTHING AND FIX YOUR MISTAKES, then have your counselor drop everything too, no no no no no you messed up and thats your fault, Im not fixing your mistakes and that was rude of you to basicly tell me to.”

It was her telling me that for a full 10 minutes.

So yeah i have a fear of teachers now, if your a teacher or anyone who can boost my self asteem when talking to teachers please help cuz i have a report due in a few weeks and i have no idea what to do. but im scared to talk to the teacher THANKS MUCH -EMILY

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