[247] ~*Wed – 04/18/18*~

[2:53 am]

I know it’s super late right now as it’s almost 3 am but I just had to come write cause I just finished the book I was reading and OMG, I totally did not see the ending coming. I’m still shocked. I was reading Son Of Rosemary which is the sequel to Rosemary Baby and I still can’t believe the ending. I guess I didn’t see it coming cause it was the sequel so I didn’t think it would turn out the way it did. Basically she gives birth to Satan’s child in the first book and in the second it’s some 33 years later where she came out of a 27 years coma so she’s now with her grown up son which ends up wanting the end of the world as it will be the year 2000. All this to end up being a dream.. What?! So this mean the two books are all a dream that she was having. She never even was pregnant to begin with. What a shocker!

Beside that, I hate when I let random things bug me. For some reason the stuff on my bedside table started bugging me. It’s been there for ever but it just started bugging me. I’ll need to clean it. My old cell is also just laying on my bedside table since Nov. I’ve been wanting to try and plug it on the PC to see if I can manage to save the pics I had on it. I need to get to that and then get rid of it cause it’s no good anymore and it’s just been collecting dust. I don’t even know if it will turn on as I haven’t tried it since I got the new one.

Well, I need to get some sleep now. I was just so shocked by the ending of the book that I had to talk about it somehow. The first book came out in 1967 and the second in 1997. That’s freaking 30 years but it was well worth it as I really enjoyed the books. Great ending as I totally did not see it coming.




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