Country days and nites

Worked yesterday. It was like working in a hurricane. The wind gusts were somewhere in   the range of 40-50mph gusts, it was a bit surreal. There was a cute young black and grey tabby female cat that was sunning herself by her front door. She was a bit reluctant of me at first but, I talked to her like she were one of my own. I bent down and pet her and before too long she was flopping herself around on the floor like a fish, ha ha. 

Today, I’m going to work on the backyard. There are a bunch of loose logs out there that I’ll need to use a wheelbarrow for. I think we have that laying around here somewhere. I do however know in my heart that we will be in our farmhouse in less than a year. It’s all in the Lord’s Will. He will allow it for us. My heart is undeterred in anything that can get in ur way. I am stronger than the mountain that wishes to move me. 

We are going to get a bigger storage room in California than I know we’ll need. I want to be able to stock up on the things we’ll need to start out with our house. I refuse to start getting those things after we get into it. The only thing that I won’t get would be a tractor. I may just go with an atv with a tiller attachment. Although, I don’t mind dropping the money on a real bonafide tractor. I’d love one of those older International Harvesters. Which only brings up the point that I’ll need to get a pickup truck, a horse trailer and another trailer. I’ll get all of those with n the year that we’ll be in our new home. My Wife needs to have her garden so that she can’t plant the things that she wants to, even though she claims that she doesn’t have a green coloured thumb. She can do some amazing things, the likes of which I have witnessed the last three plus years that I’ve known her.


I’m looking forward to sorting a place for the babies with their own room. They’ll be able to look out the windows all day in their room, and have a cat door that they can access to go outside and see he wildlife and the birds. I look forward to them having that happiness. Eventually I’ll want to get some kind of a water feature like a koi pond, perhaps a hot tub or an indoor pool. 


I know exactly how our master bedroom ensuite will look like and it will be as I have planned. It will have two French doors leading into it covered by some curtains over the windows in the doors. It will lead into our bedroom with it’s four poster cedar wood canopthere will be some curtains that my Wife will put up around the finials. It will be backed up by our 1910 cedar bed linen chest. We’re going to have a beautiful wood burning stove built into one corner of our room. Wood plank flooring throughout, and a pair of French doors leading out into a wrap around balcony. It will look out over our property and fields from the second floor. Our bathroom will have a his and hers sink and a walk in shower with a dual showerhead. It will be big enough for both my Wife and I to take a shower together. Yes, this will be what we’ll have. It will be the envy of whoever among our families come to visit us. We’ll let them sleep in our room when they’re visiting. 


I as a man know what I want, and I know what I will earn in life because, I earn everything that passes through these fingers of mine. My Wife will never have to wonder or worry about a thing because, this man will provide for her everything that she needs. There will never be a thing that she’s missing. I can’t wait for the days coming that we’ll be riding our horses around our property, or we have some really good VM or Jb on the radio of our pickup truck with the windows down going down some back country road. Those days are coming. My Wife is the most spoiled woman in the world because, she’s never had a good man until me to do those things for her. Every woman needs a good man to take care of her heart. If you can’t as a man do that for your wife then you need to get the fuck out of the way for a man that can. 

I love that woman of mine with my mind, my body, my heart and all of my soul. She deserves my best in everything that I do and that’s exactly what she gets. 




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