[248] ~*Thu – 04/19/18*~

[5:47 pm]

Going to the Casino with my friend is never a good idea. We went there at 8 pm yesterday when I was done work and we go out of there it was almost 11:30. There is no quick go in and get out with her. When I go, I play the free money and I get out of there, or at least try too. Haha! She on the other hand, will play some of her own money so we stay there a bit longer.

Anyways, I only got $10 for mom’s friend and $5 for mom so no money made last night. My friend got $10 but she ended up playing some of her own money. She was doing good cause she had a few tickets of $35 with her and then she went on a machine when we were about to leave and got freaking $200 out of it. So happy for her! We were done and leaving but once we got outside we realize a show was just ending so there was a huge line up of cars trying to get out so we decided to go back inside. My friend gave me $15 to play and of course I lost it. She played $40 but lost it all. In the end, I’m not too sure how much she made cause I’m not sure how much she played and all but I’m pretty sure she went home with at least $150.

So yea, my first client of yesterday ended up cancelling and what do I do?! Stay in bed. Bleh! I could of took advantage of the time to get some cleaning done but of course, I didn’t. If I don’t have to get out of bed, I won’t get out. I then worked and went to the Casino with my friend. I sorta wanted to stay at the Casino to listen to the band cause I was enjoying it but it was late and I knew better. My friend was also spending her money as she kept playing so I didn’t wanted her to lose all she had won. I got home it was almost midnight so I didn’t come write as I was too tired. I called mom, talked to a her a lil and then watched a show/played on my farming game and then went to bed. I ended up reading until 2 am. Arg! Me and my reading.

Today I worked and did my grocery between clients. After my second client I had about two hours of free time which I normally come back home and go nap but today I didn’t wanted to come nap cause I had a hard time with my sleeping last night, I kept waking up. I decided that maybe if I don’t nap, I’ll be tired enough to sleep tonight. I called my friend and we went out to eat. It was nice seeing her as I don’t see her much lately. I used to see her almost daily or at least call her every night but I’ve been so busy these past few weeks.

I plan on taking a nice relaxing bath tonight, put the dishes and clothes away and wash my bras. Let see if that shall happen.




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