all day

I’ve been trying to give him the benefit of the doubt that he still loves me.  I’ve been ignoring him all day and not looking at him at all….he claims he looks at me but I know he doesn’t.  He’s not helping his case along.  I keep telling him that he needs to show it rather than tell it as actions speak louder than words.  His actions are showing me he doesn’t love me much less care about what happens to me.  I understand he’s stressed and not having cigarettes or beer to self medicate but damn.  I’m getting more determined that come time to leave as we head out for Phoenix I’m going to be heading east on the sly instead.  I doubt I’ll be missed until it comes time to pay for the motel in Phoenix.  Oh, well.  Guess he’s going to have to fend for himself instead of using me for room and board.  Asshole!!! 

I’ve tried everything I could to get his attention and nothing’s working.  When we first met it never took near as much effort as I’m putting into it now just trying to get his attention.

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